Westpac is an Australian bank and financial services company which is headquartered in the Sydney, Australia. The Westpac bank and financial services focused on the vision that subsumes to be one of the great financial service company, helping to their customers and people to grow. In support of the Westpac's vision, the company structure is designed to align with five key customer segments which include Business Bank, Consumer Bank, Westpac Institutional Bank, BT Financial group and Westpac institutional bank. The Westpac mainly considers the core markets of Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific areas where the company gains the good response from the customers. In that areas, the Westpac Bank provides you the comprehensive range of financial services that meet your financial and other relevant needs of bank requirements. Based on this strong response from the customers like you and nearly the Westpac has 13 million users, the company continuously focuses on the organic growth and tries to build a stronger and deeper customer relationships. In order to meet your financial requirements, Westpac key element of approach is that the financial services of the company allow the accessing of a broader range of customers and offer the strategic flexibility to get the solutions. By implementing this strategy in the core markets, the Westpac expanded the business and increase the number of products based on the deposits, wealth, and insurance cross-sell. In the core markets of Westpac, the important one is Asian market wherein the bank used to build the presence and capability. In addition to the Asian market, Westpac improves the business solutions in New Zealand and Australia as well. The Westpac need to concentrate on strengthening the financial position in the current market. For that, it maintains the high level of quality assets, improves the funding, liquidity, and provisioning. 

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Westpac's Strategy

Currently, Westpac has the low cost to income ratio and continuously seeking the opportunities for streamlined business to enhance the quality of services to you. This strategy of approach sustains due to the anticipation of emerging social issues and drive a business value through creating economic solutions to environmental challenges, help the customers to achieve sustainable financial features and implements the cultural changes according to the customers. The successful execution of Westpac strategy will lead to higher revenue and strong credit quality. For that, the company followed the below well-embedded culture such as one team, integrity, delighted customers, courage, and achievement. In accordance with the above-mentioned well-embedded structure, the company received the leading position in the serving of financial solutions in Australia. 

Services of Westpac

The Westpac offers you the various solutions that include business, personal and corporate which can help you to utilize the services of the bank efficiently. The personal solutions of Westpac in which you can apply for Bank & savings account, home loans, credit cards, personal loans, share trading, insurance, international & travel and superannuation. Before applying for bank and savings account, you are required to understand the terms and conditions of the Westpac that involves every constraint regarding your savings account. For that, you just go to the online website www.westpac.com where you can find the personal solutions. After entering the personal solutions, you will be able to find the bank accounts in which you can view the terms and conditions. According to the provided terms and conditions by Westpac, you have to take a decision whether applying for bank savings account on Westpac or not. Based on the constraints, you can apply for the bank account. Once your Westpac bank account is activated, you can take the debit card but you need to follow some constraints where the customer age should be 16 years of age and have an Australian residential address. If not having the Australian residential address, you can apply for a handy card to access your account through debit MasterCard provided by the Westpac bank. You have to maintain some terms and conditions while performing deposits on your accounts such as the minimum balance of $5,000 and a maximum balance of $10,000,000. Westpac supports the registered brand marks such as World MasterCard, MasterCard, and PayPass. Thereafter, you can apply for credit card also through the savings accounts on Westpac. Before applying for credit card services, you go through the credit card solution where you will be seen the rewards points, bonus point promotions, balance transfer promotion, cash back promotion and user promotion. 

Along with the debit and credit card services, you can get the home loans and personal loans. Buying your home is one of the biggest purchases in your life. For that, you can apply for home loans by following some tips provided by the Westpac. Whether you want to move closer to the home or your home bursting at the seams, the Westpac bank home loans will help you in that situations whatever the reason may be. If you are the seasoned property investor, the company provides you insights and information which can help you to make your decision on taking the home loans from the Westpac. For home loans, you can follow the key steps before buying and after buying through the Westpac home loans. You can choose the right payment type to apply for the home loans at Westpac. If you need extra funds for renovation or a holiday, you can apply for extra funds to get extend the credit limit on your current account on Westpac. To get the personal loans on Westpac, you can apply for it through the online website. Based on the personal loans of Westpac, you can get a car, get a holiday trip and you can manage your debts or other managements. Whereas in the provided personal loans on Westpac, you can get to apply for an unsecured personal loan, car loan, and Westpac Flexi Loan. With the unsecured personal loan, you can find an easier way to turn make your outstanding debts into just one monthly repayment and you could be free debt sooner based on the use of the unsecured personal loan. Based on the car loan of Westpac, you can buy a new or used car, aspirational or functional with the fixed interest car finance. Westpac Flexi Loan offers you the convenient and reusable personal loan with a line of credit offering service and flexibility. 

Westpac's International & Travel

The Westpac offers you the international and travel services where you can find out the travel money card, transferring money overseas, foreign cash and restricting the international ATM fees. When it comes to the travel money card, the Westpac company provides you the global currency card which is a prepaid Visa card that used to make payments in multiple currencies. You can access the money overseas where you can use ATM's, credit cards and foreign cash even though if you go to the overseas countries due to some personal reasons or business issues whatever it may be. Whether you are leaving from home, you can utilize the international and travel services of Westpac which can help you to ensure the things that can take care of you the things. The Westpac bank offers you the international payments that allow you receive or sending the money to anywhere whether it is domestic or international location. According to the Westpac's international and travel, you can open a foreign currency account to make and receive payments for helping manage your cash flow. Whereas for the foreign currency account, you can enjoy the special offers that constitute the monthly maintenance fee which waived throughout your life when you open an account by November 1st, 2017 only based on the online website of Westpac www.westpac.com. If you have the online bank account for Westpac, the bank can monitor the security of your accounts. 

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Business Solutions of Westpac 

At Westpac bank, you can get the benefits like current offers, business accounts, merchant services, credit cards, business loans, insurance, superannuation, insurance and FX & international. With the current offers provided by the Westpac Bank, you can find the latest business offers & featured products all at one place. Through the Westpac EFTPOS1, you can take out a new merchant facility on a merchant pricing plan on a business one low transaction account. Based on the provided business solutions of Westpac, you can gain the advantages that subsume unsecured business overdraft, manage your term deposit online and Genie which is a new way to get paid. By the use of Westpac business solutions, your term deposit online mobile and desktop. By managing your term deposit online, you can open a business term deposit and renew your term deposit online. When it comes to the business bank accounts, the Westpac bank will offer you the advantages whether you are starting up or expanding it. If you are starting a new business, you can open a business account which helps you to get 25 free transactions on that business account of Westpac. The business one low plan that provides you unlimited electronic transactions. Along with the business one low plan, the Westpac bank business one-high plan, business Flexi, foreign currency accounts, open a foreign currency account and community solutions cheque account. Based on the business one high plan, you will be able to enjoy the 60 transactions per month with high deal transactions. You can monthly plan fee is $20. Business Flexi of Westpac is ideal for businesses with large balance but a low number of transactions. According to the business Flexi of Westpac, you need not worry about the monthly service fee and you can follow the pay-as-you-go fee structure where only pay fees for the transactions you make and you will be able to earn the balances of more than $20,000. In order to manage your cash flow, you can make and receive payments in a foreign current through the activation of foreign currency accounts. In the Westpac foreign currency accounts, you need not require a minimum balance account to open a Foreign Currency account. By using Foreign currency account of Westpac, you can make and view the transactions electronically via Westpac Live. 

In addition to the aforementioned business solutions of Westpac, the bank provides you community solutions cheque account in which you can perform everyday transaction account specially designed. Using community solutions of Westpac, you need not pay the monthly service fee and unlimited electronic transactions including cheque transactions. 

Business Saving Account at Westpac

According to the business savings account of Westpac, you will be able to gain the advantages such as business term deposit, business cash reserve, and business cash reserve bonus. When it comes to the business term deposit, you could get higher returns where you can get to lock away your money for maximum growth. With the range of fixed deposits, you will get higher returns on your surplus cash for 12 months with interest paid. Business cash reserves, you can earn the interest on your collected GST and you can access the funds that you need them. With the bonus interest rate at Westpac, you will reward yourself if no withdrawals are made on a monthly basis. You can apply for business cash reserve account at Westpac online website within 10 minutes of time and you do not wait or spend several hours of time to apply it. Along with the business savings account, you can get the business credit cards in which you can get the everyday benefits of a low rate card based on your business purchases. Whereas in the business credit cards, you will get to enjoy the low rates with the altitude business platinum and altitude business gold. By the use of these credit cards, you can gain the reward points plus a range of platinum insurance covers. You can start the business with the 40,000 business Quantas reward points which available for you after first eligible purchase. In order to apply for this Quantas reward points, you need to follow the terms and conditions set by the company. In conclusion, the Westpac bank is the best and efficient option for you to enjoy the personal and business benefits. 

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