Westpac Online Banking

Westpac Online Banking

Using Westpac Online Banking, you can control your finances that include managing of your account, payments, transfer, share account access, BPAY, etc. Based on these services, you can easily manage your Westpac online banking account. Westpac online banking account offers you a wide range of features which can help you to streamline your banking account. The features of Westpac online banking are it can customize your view in a way that the display shows each account in a tile or list view. After completion of every processed transaction, you will be able to view a running balance of your account and it will not show the transaction for pending withdrawals. You can edit your account details of Westpac due to the service of online banking where you can perform re-order, group, hide or nickname. With the use of Westpac online banking, you can mask an account number so that it will display the last 3 numbers of your account while performing transactions which helpful for improving the security of your Westpac account. Through the Westpac online banking, you can setup message and alerts that can help you to manage your finances and restrict the late payment fees. You can setup your Westpac account in such a way that to display any external accounts with other banks like PayPal, eBay, store cards, reward schemes, loans, and mortgages. By the use of Westpac online banking, you can view the Westpac Online Investing and BT accounts along with your account transactions. Including all assets and liabilities, you can gain the snapshot of your account financial position. In addition to these services, you will be seen interest earned, interest paid and credit interest earned and tax withheld. 

Manage Your Banking at Westpac

The Westpac bank provides you to manage your banking intuitively with a range of handy features such as manage your contact details, request a replacement card or report your card stolen or lost, manage card PIN, protect from frauds to access your account while traveling to overseas, manage your daily payment limit, you can increase or decrease your credit limit and much more. If you are in a dilemma that how to change your contact details through Westpac online banking, you can follow the below explanations from which you can gain as much as you can. Whether you are the user of Westpac online banking or you are registered for SMS code, you just consider the below consequences such as:
  • Initially, you just sign-in to your Westpac online banking through the online website www.westpac.com. 
  • You can select preferences from the available listing of Services&preferences on the Westpac online banking. 
  • In the provided services&preferences, you can select personal details in which you can expand the section. 
  • In the chosen personal details, you can change the details like contact number or email id, etc. 
  • Then, you can receive the SMS code through the registered mobile number and enter that number. 
  • You can perform the actions like edit, add or delete whatever you want to do and save the changes based on Westpac online banking. 
If you are using the Westpac mobile banking app on your mobile device whether it is Android or iOS, you are required to follow the below discussions to change your personal details such as:
  • At first instance, you just sign-in to the mobile banking account of Westpac on your mobile device. 
  • From the top left corner of the app, you need to open the profile settings from the available menu. 
  • You can click update contact details wherein you can perform the changes whatever you are required that include edit, add or delete your personal data whether it is a mobile number or mail id based on the entering of SMS code which is sent to your registered mobile number. 
  • Finally, you can save your changes using Westpac online banking. 
If suppose, you are not registered your account for SMS code when you opened your account on Westpac. In that case, you need to be registered for Westpac Protect SMS Code in order to make changes for personal details. If you are not registered for Westpac Protect SMS Code, you can register for SMS code through the choosing of preferences from the Services&Preferences menu and select the security option. Or else, you can call to 132 032 or visit your nearest Westpac branch. When you have used the services of the contact number and visiting of Westpac branch, you can get your 8-digit customer ID and telephone banking access code by hand. Here, you must need to know the opening hours of Westpac branch and all branches of Westpac are open at 9.30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Thursday and 9.30 am to 5 pm on Friday. Some branches are open on weekends also. For realizing the location of nearest Westpac branch, you can search for the place by entering the postal code or suburb of your location. 

The Westpac Bank provides you the services when you card is lost or stolen wherein you can inform to the representatives of Westpac through the contact number. Then, they immediately block your account to curb the accessing of your account transactions from the frauds. Without contacting the representatives of Westpac bank, you can use the Westpac online banking option where you need to choose the services from the listing of Services & Preferences after sing-in to your account. In the services option, you will be able to view the card options and again you need to report the card stolen or lost section from the card options. So that, the bank itself stop your transactions instantly without any delay. If you are the user of mobile banking of Westpac, you are required to sign-in to your account through the mobile app on your mobile device. After that, select Services & Security from the list of menu and choose report lost/stolen. Until you find your card because of you lost your card, you can apply for place your card on hold temporarily. Here also, you can consider the customer service number 1300 130 961 for making the card on hold when you are not using the mobile application or online banking. Along with this service, you can also report the loss to your nearest Westpac branch. Even though you lost your card, you can get another replacement card through your near branch of Westpac. This process can take four working days for metro areas and six working days for rural areas. Once you receive your replacement card, you will be transferred any recurring payments to your card. For overseas delivery, a courier cost of $40 will be charged to your replacement card. If any unauthorized transactions happen on your Westpac cards, the bank ensures you the full reimbursement. In addition to that, if you have lost your wallet or stolen that means you lost everything not only including credit cards or debit cards but also home keys, mobile phone, car keys. You can report the loss to police and you can contact your insurance company, locksmith or mobile network provider. 

Manage your card PIN at Westpac

By the use of Westpac online banking, you can manage your card PIN or change online to keep yourself secure. For that, you need to follow different actions for mobile banking and online banking separately. When you are using mobile banking of Westpac, the followable steps are primarily, you need to sign-in to your Westpac account through your mobile device. Thereafter, you just tap the services & security section and select services option to expand its available sections. Later, you need to click the set or change card PIN under card services in which you are required to enter the new PIN twice and click the submit button. Now, you can receive the SMS code to your registered mobile number and enter the SMS code. Finally, the Card PIN has changed which is interlinked with your Westpac account. 

View or Change Daily Payment Limit by using Westpac Online Banking

In spite of all aforementioned services, you can view or change the daily payment limit through Westpac online banking. Each time when you make a payment, you will be able to view your daily payment limit and available daily payment. These details you can update based on choosing the services and preferences menu and expand the daily payment limit. Even if you are facing the issues with losing or stolen your card while you travel to overseas places. In that situations also, you need to inform the bank because it is very essential to keep an eye on your accounts if any suspicious activities have occurred. You can report the suspicious activities to Westpac bank by using mobile banking or online banking. For mobile banking, you will sign-in to the mobile banking account, prefer services & security and choose card services where you can select notify of the overseas travel option. Through Westpac online banking, you can choose Services & Preferences, select card services and under card services, select notify going overseas. Later, you just select the country that you have traveled and enter your contact details. You can stop the receiving of paper statements and electronic statements by the use of Westpac online banking. 

Westpac's Payments, BPAY, and Transfers

Based on Westpac online banking, you can perform more types of payments that include recurring payments, creating international payment and Westpac Live. With the setting of recurring payments, you can curb the late payments for your Westpac account. Using BPAY, you can easily pay your bills and order a cheque without visiting a branch. You can send or receive international payments through Westpac online banking. 

Share Account Access 

Westpac online banking offers you a powerful and dynamic account sharing capability. The Westpac bank not only provides you to access the share account through online banking but also you can utilize the service of mobile or tablet banking. If you are having a business account at Westpac, you are required a family member or a trusted professional like an accountant, financial planner or bookkeeper to access your funds. In two ways, you can perform the share account access such as account sharing and third party account access. In the account sharing section, you can get the benefit of access to your accounts in a separate profile but not commingled with the shared users account. So that, there is a chance of less risk that unintended transfers between accounts. As your own account, the bank provides you to control over what users can see or do in which you can select which account they can see and set a limited date range for the period that access is needed. You need to follow the requirements to set-up the account sharing access. With an existing customer of Westpac bank, you will need 8-digit customer number, full name as registered with the bank. If you are having a joint account at Westpac's bank, you need to complete and fill the details online to share accessing the joint accounts. In order to perform the share an account, you are required to consider the below steps based on Westpac online banking. At first instance, you need to log in to your Westpac's account through online website www.westpac.com. Later, you just prefer the services & preferences where you click the services section. In the account services section of the Westpac online banking, you are required to go to the share account access. When it comes to the third party access, you can grant the access to your accounts to a third party company according to their own profile. The third party access is mainly suitable for sharing accounts with family members. Based on the third party accessing of West pac, your account is commingled with their personal accounts. 

In accordance with above-mentioned qualities of Westpac internet banking, you can gain the extreme benefits of the bank without spending wee hours of time at the bank externally. You can utilize the services of Westpac online banking from anywhere in the world whether it is home or office or any other place. But, you make sure that your laptop or PC or mobile device should have the ability to internet access. In order to get the registration for Westpac online banking, it is very easy and quick process where you need to visit the online banking sign-up option and enter your valid details. The total process will take less than two minutes to perform the registration of Westpac online banking for your account. Finally, the Westpac online banking provides you the extreme services to you very conveniently without visiting the branch physically. 

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